Pink Lemonade Hat Knitting Pattern - 7 Sizes Included

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Periodically, rearrange your stitches on the needles so that they are about evenly divided.

You may want to introduce a 4th double pointed needle when the original 3 become too full. When the double pointed needles become full, switch to the 16" needle, then to the 24" needle. When the hat is big enough to fit around the intended head, continue working and increasing at the end of every round a little further, so the hat will come down to the wearer's ears. Brim Note that the brim is two layers thick, to keep it from flopping.

You'll knit the top layer first, out from the hat, then the bottom layer. Begin working in garter stitch that is, knit one round, purl one round. On the first knit round, increase enough stitches, evenly spaced around, so that you have a multiple of 8 stitches.

Note how many stitches you have at this point. On each of the following knit rounds, increase 8 stitches evenly spaced around. For a more circular brim rather than octagonal , don't make your increases in the same spot each time. For example, place the increases on one round halfway between where they were on the previous increase round. Remember to PURL the rounds in between!


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When the brim is as wide as you want it, reverse the process. When working back and forth, every other row is worked from the right side and every other row is worked from the wrong side. When working from the wrong side, the diagram will have to be worked reversed: from left to right, knit stitches are purled, purl stitches are knit etc.

When working in the round every round is worked from the right side and the diagram are worked from right to left on all rounds. It is worked from bottom to top, from right to left. When working back and forth every other row is worked from the right side: from right to left and every other row is worked from the wrong side: from left to right. When working in the round , every row in the diagram are worked from the right side, from right to left. When working a circular diagram you start in the middle and work your way outwards, counter clockwise, row by row. The rows usually start with a given number of chain stitches equivalent to the height of the following stitch , this will either be depicted in the diagram or explained in the pattern.

This means you work A. The diagrams are worked as usual: begin with the first row in A.

Little Lemon Hat Knitting Pattern

Chain stitches are slightly narrower than other stitches and to avoid working the cast-on edge too tight, we simply chain more stitches to begin with. The stitch count will be adjusted on the following row to fit the pattern and measurement sketch. The rib edge is more elastic and will contract slightly compared to, for example, stocking stitch. By increasing before the rib edge, you avoid a visible difference in width between the rib edge and the rest of the body. To achieve an even increase or decrease you can increase on, for example: every 3rd and 4th row alternately, like so: work 2 rows and increase on the 3rd row, work 3 rows and increase on the 4th.

Repeat this until the increase is complete. Pattern repeats can vary slightly in the different sizes, in order to get the correct proportions. This has been carefully developed and adjusted so that the complete impression of the garment is the same in all sizes.

Should you prefer to work in the round instead of back and forth, you may of course adjust the pattern. When you would normally turn and work from the wrong side, simply work across the steek and continue in the round. Should you prefer to work back and forth instead of in the round, you may of course adjust the pattern so you work the pieces separately and then assemble them at the end.

Divide the stitches for the body in 2, add 1 edge stitch in each side for sewing and work the front and back pieces separately. Since different yarns have different qualities and textures we have chosen to keep the original yarn in our patterns. However, you can easily find options among our available qualities by using our yarn converter, or simply pick a yarn from the same yarn group. It is possible that some retailers still have discontinued yarns in stock, or that someone has a few skeins at home that they would like to find patterns for. The yarn converter will provide both alternative yarn as well as required amount in the new quality.

The biggest difference will be the length of sleeves and body.

Gumdrop Slouchy Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Start working on the women size that you think would fit across the chest. If the pattern is worked top-down you can add the length right after the armhole or before the first decrease on sleeve. Regarding additional yarn amount, this will depend on how much length you add, but it is better with a skein too many than too few.

All yarns will have excess fibres from production that might come off as lint or shedding. Brushed yarns ie hairier yarns have more of these loose, excess fibres, causing more shedding. Shedding also depends on what is worn under or over the garment, and whether this pulls at the yarn fibres. When the garment is finished before you wash it shake it vigorously so the looser hairs come off.

Place the garment in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer - the temperature will cause the fibres to become less attached to each other, and excess fibres will come off easier. It is NOT measured from the tip of shoulder. Similarly, the length of yoke is measured from the highest point on the shoulder and down to where yoke is split into body and sleeves. The required amount of yarn is provided in grams, eg: g. This information is available if you click on the individual yarn quality on our pages.

Divide the amount required with the amount of each ball. Bettina Christina Are the ties going to look like they are little fans? If not I think I'm doing something wrong. Love the pattern so far. Christina Shepard On the crochet bottom is it saying that in all sizes after the crochet tip there needs to have just 13 sc sts and that it should measure the correct gauge?

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Sizing Table

And I love the color of her shorts. Dana, I love love love the pattern! I hope you know what I mean…;- Hugs Franzi. What happens is that after you iron out the crotch seam and start to fold the shorts back together to sew the side seams….

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Which way is the top? Hope that makes sense!

Tiny Elephant Hat

Marvel 12ply Pixie Hat. By placing them flat on a table or bed and taking a few key measurements of those garments then comparing those measurements against your body measurements you now have a reference guide to use when knitting a tank, T-shirt, cardigan or pullover sweater. Share this:. As I said we were looking at the winter yarn and she handed me a skein of a new to be released yarn. Thanks Kathleen. Chunky Plush Beanie. Wishing you all a beautiful day today!

That way I always know which two pieces go together and where the top and bottom is located. They are to die for. You did such an awesome job with the pattern.

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I love the pictures, instructions etc. I love the sailor front pair and would love to make some to match my baby girl. This is great! Thank you for making this pattern. I made my first pair of basic shorts for myself when I was just 13 so have always found the basic shorts a good and easy project. I have been looking for a good shorts pattern to make for my kids so I cant wait to try yours, including all the future tutorials. I have had trouble with making shorts with the elastic just at the back so Im looking forward to seeing that tutorial which I think will be easier to understand than previous ones I have brought.

Looking forward to making some shorts this weekend!

Beginner knitting kit

Thank you! So, so frustrating!

Newly Added Crochet Patterns

I can see myself making many pairs of shorts the next few summers! Am wondering what is the difference between the boys and girls shorts other than leg length? My daughter has very long legs. So would it be better to sew the girls pattern and increase the leg length or the boys pattern? My daughter has absolutely no butt so I am thinking the boys pattern might just work as well.